Intelligent Analysis to Master your Retail Data

We empower your company with clarity into sales performance by performing an audit on the sales data systems. Further, we provide a manual to guide your team to improve the process and analysis.


Our technical process is magic that works

We utilize insights from our precise analytics team and deliver what is occuring in retail. See what is truly happening on pegs & websites to control your sales destiny.

Knowledge is power.
Let us help you maximize your
knowledge by creating a detailed
analysis of your data processes.

What We Do

Navigating retail sales is challenging because of the dynamics of the retail ecosystem. Consumer brands receive limited sales data from long feedback cycles between production which consume significant operating capital. Scaling sales with retail partners requires consistent operational procedures to gather and analyze to use the data for decisions.

Type W helps consumer product companies gain deeper insight into the sales growth drivers by upgrading the sales and operations systems and processes. The processes starts with documenting the existing processes and the corresponding outputs. If there is an existing process, we score the team’s ability to adhere with the existing process.

Type W connects the company with domain experts to evaluate the processes and provide feedback on how to improve the processes, analysis, and forecasting. Our network of domain experts includes the former VP of Sales who scaled GoPro through their IPO, the VP of Sales at Sphero, and other who have managed global sales organizations.

Type W provides an executive report summarizing the process and a manual documenting the steps to improvement. Our goal is to empower the CEO to implement the processes and procedures critical for excelling in consumer retail sales. By leveraging a network of experts, you learn what an experienced VP of Sales would do next to improve the sales processes. The process and improvement manual gives your team a clear guide to implement the findings and continue to improve.

Actionable insights
to bolster your team and
allow your company to make
data-driven, informed decisions.

Illuminate the path to sales success
with simple, accurate sales insight.


We’ll transform the way your company gathers and uses data.


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