The better way to compile sell-through

Type W automates the collection of sales and inventory data from all platforms where you make sales. We access online portals daily to grab sales and inventory data, aggregate it and then provide it in a clean format to help businesses make better business decisions. If you’re interested, contact us to see if you would be an ideal fit for our Beta program.


Aggregate data you can count on

We automate sales and inventory data from top retailers for consumer brands. Our dashboard offers up comprehensive data to you in a clean format

Automate and harmonize
your retail and e-commerce.

Get ahead of your competition

We’ll help your company flourish through our strategically compiled sell-through data.

Designed to redefine how information
flows across the supply chain.

Tools and solutions
Inventory snapshots will
significantly improve
your supply-chain management.

Work with teams - collaborate and
make data-driven decisions.

Retailers, rep firms, brands, and factories interact on the same platform — no more cumbersome Excel spreadsheets.

Join us

We’ll transform the way your company gathers and uses data.


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