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Type W collects all of your Amazon Data - and puts it into your own data warehouse. This unlocks the ability to maximize the use of your Amazon data across your company with ease.


Our Benefits

Easy. Accurate. Secure.

Lightning fast integration

Get your first data uploaded usually within 24 hours.

Vendor Central and Seller Central integration

Type W works with all platforms including Vendor Central, Seller Central, Brand Analytics, Amazon Advertising, and Amazon DSP to gather your most critical data.

Data refreshed daily

Our software gathers your data multiple times per day to maximize your data availability.

Automated Quality Checks

Amazon's data will change (even on Brand Analytics). Our software is built to ensure discrepancies are automatically detected and updated.

Track your data in real-time

When you have tens of thousands of reports and millions of data points, it can be overwhelming to keep track of which data is available. We do the heavy lifting and consolidate all of that information for you!

Expert support

We assign an account manager to every account and have data and Amazon experts on-staff to ensure you succeed.


The most comprehensive Amazon data tool

Type W was born out of the idea that true data analysis requires all of your data to get a full picture. With this in mind, Type W built software that gets ALL of your critical Amazon data - no matter how hard it is to access! From there, we store your data in a dedicated Google BigQuery™ database specifically designed for enterprise Big Data applications. This allows you to connect your data directly to where you need it most, whether that's in data visualization, internal tools, or your own data warehouse.

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  • Advertising API
  • Brand Analytics
  • Seller Central data
  • DSP Advertising
  • Vendor Central data
  • Data warehouse
  • Data visualization & BI tools
  • APIs
  • Machine learning
  • ERP tools
  • Spreadsheets
  • Data analysis

We create your Amazon data hub

Data needs to be integrated across platforms to be truly valuable. We understand that teams need more than just another dashboard. As teams get more advanced with data analysis, we are there to provide the data in a way that provides the highest value. Type W gives you your data in the simplest way for you to easily create an immediate impact on the many different departments that have an interest in your Amazon sales and inventory.

What's different?

  • Data is provided in a secure, modern database
  • Our automated system provides real-time updates of data
  • Full access for you and your team members

Trusted by data-driven teams around the world

We’ve got you covered for all of your international Amazon data.

  • 05 Continents
  • 12 Countries
  • 70+ Billion Datapoints Collected


We work with enterprises, companies, and agencies of all sizes

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We'll provide a customized plan to show you how to simplify your Amazon process and get more from your data.

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By default, we download Sales Diagnostic, Traffic Diagnostic, Inventory Health, and Product Catalog on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. We also provide all other Brand Analytics reports on a weekly and monthly basis. If you need a different frequency, we provide customized solutions to fit your needs!

Most commonly, we provide all the options for Amazon Retail (i.e. Sourcing & Manufacturing distributor views and Shipped Revenue, Shipped COGS, Ordered Revenue for sales view). If you require the other programs (Fresh, Prime Now, and/or Business), or even customized ASIN reports, we can do that too!

Yes. For all accounts, we download the maximum amount of historical data provided by Amazon. (Note there is a one-time fee for Brand Analytics for this service)

We currently provide the following reports: Transactions data, Detail page sales and traffic (by Date), Detail page sales and traffic (by child ASIN) - daily, All listings report, FBA manage inventory report, Inbound Shipments, Reimbursements, and Financial data (transactions modified into Amazon categories - such as Product Sales (non-FBA), FBA Product Sales, FBA Liquidation Proceeds, Shipping Label Purchases, Chargebacks, etc.)

The data will be hosted on our Google servers so you never have to worry about hosting costs. That said, it’s your data - so if you’d like to host it yourself, we encourage you to export it and use it however you wish!

From day 1, we have prioritized data security and have followed industry best practices. Please feel free to read our Privacy Policy or reach out to us if you have any questions at all.

Not currently, but we are working on it! We are also happy to work with 3rd-party providers to connect your Type W database with whatever system you use.

Absolutely! Our account managers can help you make sure that your data is connected to the resources you need.

We have two set plans: a comprehensive plan which covers the needs of most clients, as well as a premium plan which gathers the more detailed reports for Sponsored Display, Sponsored Brands, and Sponsored Products Ads. If you're looking for more detail on what level of detail you can achieve, our team members would be happy to help!

Never download another Amazon CSV

Let us show you how we can give you an edge by maximizing the value of the data you get from Amazon.

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