Get your Walmart data where you need it most

Expand your market reach and enhance your operational efficiency with Type W’s dedicated Walmart data integration services. Never download a CSV again with our integrations tailored specifically for Walmart brands and agencies.

Get insights and make data-driven decisions.

All of your e-commerce data in one place

Benefit from our expert solutions that bring together comprehensive Walmart operations data. We ensure robust integration with your internal systems, allowing you to make better, more informed decisions on your business.

The Future is Custom

The best companies go above and beyond the standard.
Get rid of the data silos, partial solutions, and one-size-fits-none dashboards.

Your company has unique problems and has its own processes. We’ll connect your data to the data visualization platform of your choice (Microsoft Power BI, Google Looker Studio, Tableau, etc.).
Then we’ll create a custom solution or enable your data team to do the same.

What’s different?

  • We handle the data. Real-time automated report connections.
  • Custom created reports in the platform of your choice
  • Yours to own. We do not hold your reports or data hostage by our contract.

We’ve got your back.

Easy. Accurate. Secure.

Lightning Fast Integration

Get your data connections automated within 3 business days!

Daily Automated Quality Checks

Our software updates daily and is built to ensure data discrepancies are automatically detected and updated.

Expert support

We assign an account manager to every account and have data and Walmart experts on staff to ensure you succeed.

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We’ll provide a customized plan to show you how to simplify your Walmart process and get more from your data.

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